Top 5 Password Managers For 2022

Why Do I Need a Password Manager?

Using a Master Password

Using a master password

Benefits of Master Password

One-Click Password Generation

Bitwarden’s password generator

Why Not Just Use a Browser to Save Passwords?

The Best Password Managers for 2022

  • Is it open-source?
  • What does it cost?
  • How is it secured?
  • How much storage do you receive?
  • Does it allow password sharing?
  • What advanced features does it offer?

Short on Time? Here’s a Quick Rundown on Our Top 5

  • Bitwarden — Open-source, free, and with plenty of features to help you create, secure, and manage your passwords, cards, identities, and notes.
  • 1Password — A premium option, but filled with advanced tools to protect you and your passwords.
  • Dashlane — A simple password manager that is perfect for someone new to the game. Not sophisticated, but less ugly than open-source options.
  • KeePass — Perfect for developers and other tech-heads, this password manager is customizable, open-source, and easily runs across many platforms.
  • Keeper — The most expensive option which has cutting-edge security tools to protect your data. Sadly, the free account is barely worth using.

A Cost Comparison of the Top Password Managers

A Cost Comparison of the Top Password Managers


Bitwarden password manager interface
  • An exposed passwords report
  • Reused password reports
  • Unsecured website reports
  • Improved two-factor authentication


1Password home screen
  • Emergency recovery kit
  • Logins, secure notes, cards, and identities storage
  • Threat intelligence tools such as compromised website alerts and warnings for reused or weak passwords
1Password features list


Dashlane logo
Dashlane password generator


Keypass Homescreen
KeePass’s advanced feature list
  • Multiple user keys
  • No installation when using KeePass at a different system
  • A wide range of export file types
  • Plug-in options that allow you to customize the password manager
  • Security-enhanced password edit controls for secure storage when you need to change


Keeper Logo
  • BreachWatch
  • Secure Record Sharing facilities
  • Emergency access to passwords
  • 24/7 support — quite unique in the world of password managers!

Why Don’t You Suggest Some of the Big Names in the Password Manager World?

Do I Really Need a Password Manager?



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