How to Retain Employees: Your Guide to Keeping Top Talent

Why Retention Rates Matter for Your Business

9 Steps to Retaining Your Employees

#1: Start with Onboarding

  • Have employees sign paperwork before they start. That way, their first day can be exciting and eventful, not filled with paperwork.
  • Customize your onboarding process according to their position and level of experience. Provide useful information, not boring general material.
  • Onboarding should be more than one day. Create clear goals for learning and performance for 30, 60, and 90 days on the new job.
  • Use self-paced learning tools so that employees are neither overwhelmed nor bored.
  • Pair employees with more experienced mentors. They can be a valuable resource to provide information and help that may not be in training.

#2: Invest in Professional Development

#3: Offer Competitive Pay

#4: Offer the Right Benefits

#5: Openly Praise and Reward Employees

#6: Give Your Workers a Voice

#7: Provide Opportunities for Advancement

#8: Encourage Work-Life Balance

#9: Don’t Neglect the Exit Interview

  • Consider using a third party to eliminate bias.
  • Perform the interview after the employee has left the company for the most objective feedback.
  • Ask open-ended questions to get the most valuable answers.

Grow Your Workforce with Higher Retention



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