How lifelong learning can prepare you for the future of work

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Most of the people associate studying at school, college, and universities with learning. We are all told, from an early age, to have a good education for a successful life. I think this is true that schooling and the degrees we got are helping in making our future. Knowledge helps in finding better jobs, earn more, and become more successful in our life. With the changing phases of the workplace, we need to enhance our knowledge and keep our skillset up-to-date moving forward.

Faster Technology

Today, an enormous number of technologies are launched and updated in all the fields. We can’t even remember how the use of devices has changed in the last decade. Phones became smartphones, watches became smartwatches, and many more new devices like tablets, voice assistant devices have become a part of our daily lives. We’re using these devices to do almost anything like money transfers, online shopping for what you can imagine like clothes, food, groceries while sitting at home. Also, we’ve improved a lot in the field of Finance, Education, Health, and connectivity (social media). These technologies have improved our lifestyle. I feel it has helped in making people confident about learning new things so easily. In fact, my grandmother has learned how to use a smartphone to be connected with me and to be updated. She believes in “Learning is a Lifelong Process.”

Changing Workforce

With the changing technology, the workforce is working full time, part-time, contingent, freelance, gig, remote, and crowdsourced workers, I mean, in a variety of ways. Workplaces have given hit and trial to the working styles that work for them. Virtual teams have taken the place of traditional offices. It is the time to get the perfect equipment setup so that it is easy for you to remove barriers and choose the work style that works for you.

Current Technical Trends

This year started with the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Geofencing, Big Data, and Learning Analytics. With these technologies, organizations are reshaping the strategies of doing business, and engaging with the customers, and transforming the world of work. These are some of the most promising fields of a successful career. If any of these new technologies inspire you, there are several ways for you to get started with the help of online courses and certifications.

You can learn through on-demand education, webinars. You can learn for personal and professional growth, upskilling, and reskilling at any age. Learning not only helps you to do better at your job but also increases your value within the company.

The Balance between Soft and Technical skills

We know that most of the organizations put hard skills on top of the list when hiring. No doubt, they are seeking skills that are specific to the job. The hard skills can be learned through education, certification, training, and work experience. If we talk about soft skills, it includes people skills, social skills, communication, organization, flexibility, creativity, positivity which are needed in a person to perform well with the team.

Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner recently raised this issue in one of his interviews that there is a gap between soft skills and hard skills in most of the US organizations. When your workplace is productive with technical skills but lacking in soft skills, you can manage the training sessions, and virtual group discussion to alleviate the gaps.


Rapid technological advances have made the workplaces unpredictable. As a result, you find yourself taking new responsibilities or working with a variety of different teams from time to time. If you’re able to update yourself with the changing needs of the organization, it is beneficial for you and your team. You must be ready to accept the changing demands in the workplace. Being flexible, you will be open to learning new things, and it will be easier for you to understand the situation in a more natural way. Be always ready to learn new skills through learning programs and re-skilling initiatives at your workplace.


Before you can form a team, you must be a leader. A leader builds trust, and respect among the team members. A leader’s intellectual and professional growth is essential. Take time for yourself and attend seminars, conferences to update your skills as a team leader. Take ownership and make your team learn how to own a task, a project. A team’s success depends on the qualities of a leader.

Future workers will need new skills to work on machines. With big shifts in the technology trends almost every day, no one can say exactly what skills will be needed in the future and which one will become obsolete. To grasp these new opportunities everyone must continuously develop new skills. The need for continuous learning could not be put better than the words by Anthony J. D’Angelo

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

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Author: Sheetal Munjal



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