Do You Promote Diversity And Inclusion In Your Hiring Strategy?

What is Workplace Diversity?

  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Sexual orientation
  • Skills and abilities
  • Educational backgrounds
  • Political beliefs
  • Physical abilities and disabilities
  • Age
  • Socio-economic background
  • Geographical orientation
  • Language

Why Workplace Diversity is Important

1. Increased Creativity and Ingenuity

2. Gives You a Wider Reach and Audience

3. Enhanced Productivity

4. Improved Revenue

5. Higher Employee Engagement

Challenges That Come With Creating a Diverse Workforce

  • Communication Issues: A diverse workforce often has to deal with communication between team members. Language may pose as a barrier for team members to communicate with each other effectively. Hiring employees with bilingual abilities can help reduce the challenge of communication. You can also agree on a common language in the workplace to avoid communication issues.
  • Extreme Prejudice and Hostility: Some individuals find it very difficult to work with people from other cultural backgrounds or races. Such a situation causes conflict and may affect productivity. The best way to deal with this is to ensure you instill your company’s values and ideals in all employees and ensure this is promoted at the hiring stage.
  • Chances of Recruiting Incompetent Personnel: The need to recruit qualified and skilled talent should not be relegated in a bid to have a diversified workforce. You would be doing your business a great disservice by recruiting and keeping employees who do not measure up but give your organization a diversified appeal. While diversity in your workplace has its benefits, employee competence is of utmost importance.
  • Cultural Differences: Every culture has its unique traditions. Many employees experience culture shock in a diverse workplace. In some cases, cultural differences might lead to misunderstandings between employees. To avoid this, ensure you create robust work policies that include respect for the traditions of everyone in the workplace.

How To Recruit A Diverse Workforce

1. Ensure You Have Diversity in Your Hiring Team

2. Reflect Diversity in Your Job Ads

3. Promote Diversity in Your External Communications

Final Thoughts



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