Best Virtual Collaborative Project Managers To Improve Team Efficiency

Technology for online collaboration has recently become the number one instrument used by distributed project teams. Online collaboration systems are also referred to as project ware or project collaboration applications, helping people connect and making it easier to use the array of other productivity tools currently on the market.

By offering a single shared forum for team discussion, file sharing, online storage for documents, task assignments, and real-time project collaboration, an online collaboration tool allows a more organized workflow. Collaboration resources at their center are all about aligning individuals.

Most project management software allows you to create different projects, share tasks, set priorities and status, but it is difficult to find an all-in-one project management tool. You must take into account all the features that enable you to manage your projects efficiently and effectively. Find the best virtual team project manager for your virtual team and find him in the top 10 of the best virtual team project managers.


SwiftKanban is a web-based visualization tool for projects that are best suited to Kanban-based projects. SwiftKanban is a Visual Work Management Tool that lets you easily manage and continually develop your work. SwiftKanban leverages the Kanban Method’s simple but strong concepts. To give you the best Kanban, Scrum, or Scrumban tool, it combines highly configurable and visual workflow modeling, efficient and actionable Flow Metrics, and ease of use.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is designed for millions of users to help team members plan, track and collaborate with each other, wherever they are in the world. It allows you to plan your projects, track time, manage documents and manage your documents on a single platform. It gives the entire team a dedicated digital space to work together, making it easy to see who is online and who is working on a project. This works well for a localized and distributed team and provides a simple visualization to control your team’s processes. is an app for teamwork and task management that received the 2019 productivity tool Webby Prize. It includes resource planning task management boards, timeline views for managing deadlines and tasks, and alerts and comments to provide input or determine the next steps to maintain everyone aligned. Teams can use to exchange and coordinate information, centralize contact, schedule resources, and easily mention any person or team to keep them in the loop.


Asana is a common solution for project management that easily encourages collaboration and communication among project team members. Inside projects, Asana features include being able to build projects and tasks. The progress of these tasks can be monitored from any browser on any computer by users. Users may add team members to projects, if necessary while exchanging files or connecting with other team members.


Trello is special, because of its intuitive nature, allowing users to quickly update the status of a project and monitor its progress at a glance. In a dashboard, projects are arranged, and all users can see them, add tasks, delegate projects, label full projects, make notes, and more. Trello operates on a layout that resembles a high-tech bulletin board by setting up project phases using cards, like post-it notes. Each card can be labeled with assignment information, such as when it is due, the person responsible, and what needs to be accomplished.

Atlassian Confluence

For teams of various types and sizes, including marketing and sales teams, HR, project management, and legal teams, Atlassian Confluence collaboration software is a secure solution. It provides a highly collaborative workspace where teams can collaborate, exchange ideas, create momentum to achieve more together. With the models, from meeting notes, project schedules, product specifications, product launch, competitive analysis, to a marketing plan, and more, you can build practically everything.


Clarizen helps to align teams with their assigned assignments and keep individual members on track. It features a user interface that is versatile and intuitive and a dynamic dashboard that offers updates on the progress of different projects in real-time. It also helps team members to communicate more effectively and provides their changes and edits with meaning so that everyone remains in the loop and can avoid confusion.


For medium or large organizations, Celoxis seems a better fit, since a lot of its value comes from reports and high-level insight into projects. Its price is also competitive, taking into account all you get. Celoxis can deliver more than they need for small companies, so it makes sense for them to consider a lower cost and less robust instrument instead.


Basecamp has a simple and easy-to-use interface that enables teams and customers to work together smoothly. It is free for small teams, while paid plans allow advanced features such as project tracking, team collaboration, and more. BaseCamp is a seamlessly running Cloud-based manager that is suitable for collaborative tasks. Team members can coordinate tasks, assign to-do lists and identify them according to the position and rank of each team member.


From personal moments to business ventures, Evernote offers a place to store everything. This notes and tasks app has a dedicated “Spaces” collaboration tool that serves as a central source of information, a hub for data sharing, and a space for messaging/communication. Auto-sync with Evernote across all your devices, including your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. No matter where your team is physically located, your thoughts, images, and clipped pages are still available.

All solutions have in common that they are designed to help you get things done faster and more precisely in greater collaboration. Team collaboration tools enable companies to have better opportunities to attract and retain talent and to increase productivity.

To sum up…

If you are still using a program for collaborative project management, then you already have access to some form of software for team management and possibly even a few collaborative tools. Your team benefits from a clearer flow of information that will help you prevent miscommunication as all project communication, files, and progress are centralized in one location. You’ll understand why teamwork is crucial if you’ve ever made the mistake of submitting an outdated version of a shared document to a customer.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Get started! Hire a developer today!

Originally published at on Aug 2, 2021, by Sheetal Munjal.



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