7 Tips For Building A Global Brand

5 min readAug 11, 2022

Every great and successful organization started from scratch until they finally arrived at a point where they are referred to as global organizations with global brands.

Every great endeavor starts small, but the extent to which it will succeed depends on how well the business owners access the required knowledge to leap to the next level.

Several brands started in the neighborhood and small towns, but with the application of the right principles in line with consistency, they have soared to great heights.

Brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon started like most small businesses, but they are presently giant companies that almost everyone cannot ignore.

If you own a small enterprise, there are lots of opportunities to scale up your brand using the 7 tips for building a global brand.

How Do You Build A Global Brand?

Building a global brand is a lot of work, but the good news is that it is still possible right now, even in the midst of some of the famous companies that you admire.

You can certainly build your business from ground zero to look like one of the giant firms you know. There are proven strategies that most of the already existing global brands use; you can leverage them too to turn your organization around for good.

Take a moment and digest the following tips if you are ready to start your journey to building a global brand in the next couple of years.

· Think global (Dream big)

A bestselling author captioned one of his bestselling books, Think and Grow RichNapoleon Hill. The title of that book couldn’t have been far from the truth.

Many small business owners want their business to experience a quantum leap from the current state to a greater height overnight without engaging this principle.

No great organization shows up automatically from nowhere; they were ideas in the mind of the founders. Microsoft was inside Bill Gates; Amazon was inside Jeff Bezos; Apple was inside Steve Jobs, and so on.

They all started small but didn’t stop visualizing their brands as global brands in their “mind’s eyes.” This is one of the fundamental principles every upcoming entrepreneur must learn.

Everything is built twice, first in the mind and then in the physical world. Therefore, it is essential to design how big you want your business to be and how far you want your business to go in your mind.

· Study other global brands

It is not enough to dream all through the night; you will need to wake up and pursue your dream in the morning. One of the basic ways to pursue your dream is to look at the footprint of those who have gone ahead.

Inspiration is necessary to fuel the vehicle of life’s pursuit, including the pursuit of building a global brand. To be inspired, take time to study all you can learn about some of the giant firms you admire.

Study their history, leveraged opportunities, failures, and success. They will serve as a road map to guide you on your journey towards developing your small business into a giant firm in the near future.

· Study your industry

Another area of critical study is your competitor, as well as the industry of your business. There is a minimum standard that thrives within every industry; therefore, to succeed, you must find out the minimum standard.

Every industry has its unique pros and cons; you must endeavor to study and understand them. The principles that govern the technology industry differ from those of the finance industry.

You must find out the principles that rule your industry and stick to them religiously. Robert Kiyosaki asserts, “He who holds the gold makes the rules.” — The Golden Rule.

· Increase your value and competence

Potential is unrealized ability; while ability is necessary, refined capabilities rank as a fundamental requirement to stand out.

Global brands stand out because they went out of their way to create extraordinary products and services. You can’t do ordinary things and expect to receive extraordinary rewards.

Do everything possible to increase your value (or the value of your product/service). Value is the ability to solve problems. Every global brand solves global problems; what problem is your brand solving?

· Consistency

Increasing value and competence requires consistency. “Quitters never win, and winners never quit.” Most global brands struggled through tough times until they finally came to the limelight.

You must stay consistent with every principle you find out about your industry, every principle you discovered about the brands you admire, etc.

People hardly succeed at endeavors they engage in every once in a while; you must possess the “staying power” to scale through from among your competitors until you get to the top.

· Leverage technology

Technology is the new way to go about education, finance, business, etc. Technology is almost everything in the 21st Century.

No matter the size (small or big) of your business, it is essential to leverage the opportunities and benefits that technology offers.

The technology covers several areas of business growth and expansion, which ultimately sums up business success.

Marketing, sales, accounting, database management, customer service, etc., are all available in the recent developments that technology has brought into the business world. It would help if you leveraged them to build a global brand.

Upstack can help you identify the area of technology you need to leverage in building your business into a global brand.

· Resilience

Obstacles are part of our journey to success. Ants are known for their resilience; they don’t give up. When an ant comes before an obstacle, it will either go over it, around it, or under it. In any way, it must scale through.

You must be ready and willing to face the obstacles on your journey to building a global brand. Building a global brand requires discipline and tenacity. Although you may fail at some point, never give up until you win and build your dream brand.


Nothing worthwhile comes easy, especially building a global brand. It will require a big and compelling dream, rigorous studies and training, a high level of competence, consistency, leveraging the right opportunities, and resilience.

Endeavor to take advantage of the 7 tips for building a global brand unveiled in this article, especially leveraging technologies. Contact Upstack to help you get the best technological platform, program, or software for your business to scale up.

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Originally published at Upstack.co on Nov 17, 2021, by Lucky Ezeinuaku.